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3 Items Christmas  Set 


-1 HYDRA N°1 CREME  50ml( Retail Size)

144% more hydration*

This cream is a comforting cocoon for dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin.  

Its long-lasting hydrating power is complemented by its rich oil-restoring, repairing, soothing and anti-aging ingredients which protect the skin against environmental factors, allowing it to restore its essential balance. 

The skin is softer and suppler; it is glowing, and appears smoother and re-plumped.

-1 LOTION YON-KA PS  50ml(Travel Size)

For Normal - Dry skin types

The phyto-aromatic healing water
More than just a toner, this healing mist is a true phyto-aromatic fountain of beauty, essential for re-balancing and preparing the skin for everyday beauty products. Alcohol-free, it refreshes, tones and sanitizes the skin, the energizing effects of its essential oils can be felt throughout the whole body.

-1 LAIT NETTOYANT 30ml (Promotional Size)

2 in 1 cleansing and softening.
Silky and delicately scented, this milk is suitable for all skin types. It cleanses and removes make-up from your face, eyelids and eyelashes in a single wipe, and rinses off with water. It respects the epidermal balance. Hydro-lipid film.

All traces of make-up are removed. Leaves the skin perfectly clean, supple and soft.



Christmas Set—Hydration

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  • Hydra N° 1  Creme

    In the morning and evening, after cleansing and spraying on LOTION YON-KA, apply the cream to the face and neck. 

    Lotion Yon-Ka PS

    In the morning and evening, spray a generous amount of lotion onto the face and neck after carefully cleansing. Massage in any excess with the effleurage and tap technique.

    Lait Nettoyant

    In the morning and evening, apply the cream with the fingertips, using circular motions on the face and neck, then rinse with water. For eyes and lips, remove the lotion using a damp cotton ball.Dry without rubbing and complete by spraying on LOTION YON-KA.


  • Hydra N° 1  Creme

    50ml t

    • Hyaluronic acid, imperata cylindrica, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin: instant & long-lasting hydration 

    • Hazelnut oil, grape seeds rich in essential fatty acids, shea butter : repairing 

    • Olive phytosqualane, vitamin F :  anti-dehydration 

    • Yeast extract, hyaluronic acid, silicon: restructuring - redensifying action

    • Vitamin B5 : soothing effect

    • Vitamins E, C, A : anti-oxidant - regenerating 

    • Essential oils of rose, chamomile, jasmine and Quintessence Yon-Ka (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme): balancing and relaxing phyto-aromatic effects. 

    Lotion Yon-Ka PS

    50ml btl

    • Quintessence Yon-Ka : essential oils of Lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme - balancing –REevitalizing - purifying
    • Plant glycerin - hydrating

    Lait Nettoyant

    30ml btl

    • Gentle cleansing agents from plants: cleaning - make-up removal
    • Bornéol: purifying.
    • Derived from brown algae, plant glycerin: softening hydrating

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