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Yon-Ka is a creative brand that draws its inspiration, the properties and benefits of its creations from the botanical kingdom. 


For the past 60+ years, we have been selecting essential oils, plant oils and plant extracts from the precious ressources nature offers us.


By constantly drawing on this expertise and passion for the plant world, we have designed a collection of products with proven effectiveness on specific and targeted benefits.


Yon-Ka believes that efficacy and well-being are inseparable. Our products effectiveness seamlessly blends with their sensory appeal.


With this all-natural harmonious approach, Yon-Ka has developed AROMA-FUSION, a body collection where nature and essential oils unveil their properties and showcase their best effects.


Embark on this unique phyto-aromatic journey with 4 aromatic synergies, 4 targeted benefits, 4 sensory journeys that will transport you to iconic regions of France.

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