This creamy sleeping mask champions the combination of effectiveness and natural ingredients. It fights the signs of aging and impressively enhances skin beauty.

It gives you a way to get a super-effective, very well-tolerated skin peel without leaving home.From the first use, deeply cleansed pores tighten and the depth of wrinkles and fine lines diminishes. When you wake up, your complexion looks more radiant and even, feels dense and appears softer, more beautiful and youthful.

Glyconight 10% Mask

SKU: 32760
  • At night, after removing make up and cleansing, spray Yon-Ka Lotion and penetrate with effleurage movement then
    apply a thin layer of the mask to the face and neck. Leave on all night. Rinse off with tepid water the next morning.
    Triple use:
    • Radiance-boosting mask: apply once at night for an incredibly more radiant complexion the next morning.
    • Maintenance treatment: use every other night for one week
    • Intensive course of treatment (1 to 2 month): use every other night for the first week, then every night for each of the
    following weeks. Repeat this course of treatment twice or three times a year

  • • 10% pure glycolic acid
    • Organic apricot kernel oil,
    brown algae
    • Natural polysaccharides
    • Vegetable glycerin
    • Yon-Ka Quintessence

    50ml btl